ISCAM operates in the precision mechanical machining to customer specifications business since 1988. Nowadays develops in 3000 s.m. area, 1500 s.m. covered. Year after year our activity has been growing in terms of turnover and that’s proven by the increasing trust of our customers who repute us as quality, competence and flexibility suppliers. Thanks to long-term investments planes aiming to continous improvement, thanks to the technical expertise of our partners, thanks to a correct production economy and to a constant monitoring of the production processes, ISCAM is up to offer to the customers a first-rate service.


Our key to success is our ability to meet customer's expectations, and we strive to ensure that our products and services are always in line with the most demanding market demands we face. This commitment to products and services quality must be consistent with the internal objectives and operational management through the contributions of all people working in, to affirm everyone their skills and promote their continued growth. As a benchmark, therefore, the Corporate Quality System identifies guidelines, responsibilities and tools to operate in accordance with Quality criteria. By analyzing the results of business processes and customer satisfaction, management by objectives, risk orientation based, auditing and management reviews, we intend to establish a policy of continuous improvement of the Company's competitiveness on markets and the efficiency of operating processes and our quality management system.